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First, light completes a room. Light determines a room's atmosphere, staging, and orientation. Lighting concepts are worth considering not only for the economic factors, but they are also an essential element in the designing of a room for generating emotions and actively influencing consumers and their purchasing decisions.



Once a season begins, new trend colours, cuts and materials dominate the fashion shops.
The highlights of the season can always look their best with skilfully staged lighting concepts.
It really is essential to select the right colour reproduction and temperature to make colours appear natural and genuine, encouraging shoppers to come to quicker purchasing decisions.

Fruit & veg

Fruit and vegetable departments are the hallmark of every supermarket. Apples appear crunchy and red, salad absolutely fresh. Warm-white light colours with dazzling brightness and colour reproduction are ideal for these areas. A high light intensity brings about a radiant variety of colours. Furthermore, it is important that the heat emitted by the lighting is kept as low as possible.



Meat & sausages

Customers expect the highest of quality and freshness in meat and sausage products.
The quality of fresh steaks and juicy fillets can be positively influenced by a harmonised lighting concept, which takes into account balanced red shades.
Meat and sausage products that are presented to look appetizing emphasize the competence of the seller and the careful handing of the products.




From the depths of the ocean directly into your shop window:
The degree of freshness of fish and seafood is the decisive quality feature buyers will look for, ultimately influencing their decision whether to purchase or not.
Cooler colour temperatures help draw attention to freshly caught fish products.
At the same time, the presentation of the product on ice underlines the degree of freshness and makes the products come across as more appealing.



Bread, baked goods & cheese

A bakery lures in customers with the characteristic scent of warm rolls and freshly baked goods.
The products will appear even more appetizing in the right light:
Warm light colours ensure that rolls appear a lovely golden brown with a particularly crispy appearance.
This colour temperature is also ideal for cheese and leaves you wanting more.




A visit to a car dealership is becoming more and more of an experience these days.
Design and technology, special coatings, brands and innovations are therefore very well accentuated.
Elegance and value as well a corporate identity can be purposefully marketed with the right lighting concept.

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