Lighting means life and
is our passion.

Our professional lighting solutions create a whole world of new experiences for shopping and browsing.



Every space has potential – but only a sophisticated lighting design can maximise it. Our planning team has many years of experience, especially in the planning of shop/retail projects, making us the right choice to perfectly tailor your shopping spaces.


An attractive product presentation is very much at the heart of an unadulterated shopping experience and this can only be optimally achieved with the perfect lighting: Colours
appear natural and authentic, colour nuances are readily identifiable, textures and materials are more alive and intense – as would be the case in daylight conditions.




Whether crunchy golden-brown rolls in the bakery or glowing red apples in the supermarket:
The quality of foodstuffs can be clearly emphasized by the right lighting colour and entices you in for more.

Expertise in planning


Inventory, consulting and concept development on site as well as the implementation of customer-[6]specific requirements or specifications while taking into account energy-efficient normatives at the same time.



Implementation of planning and finalization of lighting concepts using popular lighting design tools, with a corresponding 3D animation if required – low-cost and energy-efficient.



Our team will be happy to use their experience and specialist expertise to support you in the professional implementation of your project on site – throughout Europe.

Contact us at or you can call us directly on +49 9305 98 81 200.